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2013-2014 Burke Ensemble


Amanda Albeck (10)
Katelyn Boyes (12)
Liz Buchholz (12)
Julianna Cooper (12)
Reigan Lawrence (12)
Nikki Yablonski (11)

Abbey Quebedeaux (10)
Haley Bonge (09)
Nichole Brady (10)
Mika Caplan (10)
Sydney Cerizo (12)
Kendall Gloeb (12)
Joel Buchholz (12)
Nixon Chica (12)
Xander Cox (09)
Sean McArdle (11)
Andy Vasquez (10)
Quentin Zart (12)

Ben Adams (10)
Art Halbersleben (12)
Jack Lammers (11)
Noah Loux (10)
Cody Norman (11)
Talon Ramsey (11)

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