Name: Nathan Helzer

Occupation: Music Educator

Years Teaching: currently in 4th

Schools Taught At: Elm Creek Public, Ogallala Public

Favorite Composers: Eric Whitacre, Joshua Shank, Moses Hogan

Places I’ve Performed: Carnegie Hall, San Antonio, Walt Disney World, Branson

Professional Membership:
    Spring Semester is really picking up.  We are now in the thick of musical rehearsals and quiz bowl.  This is the first year I will have directed a high school musical production, and I'm super excited. I also have the pleasure of working with my wife a little bit on the musical.  It will be interesting to see how well we work together!
    When this school year is over, Danielle and I will be heading back to Lincoln for another summer of classes.  I will be half way done after this summer, and my beautiful wife will be even closer.  We are also in the process of looking into a short terms missions trip to India, and seeing if God is leading us that way this summer also.  I anticipate finishing my Masters of Music in Education from UNL in the summer of 2012, assuming I take 9 hours each summer.  After that who knows what the plans will be...maybe actually ENJOY the summer and take some time away from student status!